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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Whispers of Joy--Himachal, 3

Jenjehli is a sleepy hamlet of few hundred people. You will never find a tourist from rest of India or world here. It is not planned or marketed as a tourist region. This has helped to maintain the ecological balance to an extent. Though i found still empty plastic bottles and garbage being thrown by shops and people in the water stream. I hope Himachal Govt. works out a policy of garbage disposal and eco-education for the people.
I found a place to stay that was a new construction and nice and clean. It was a great joy to take shower in solar heated water. Pappu Thakur the tall gentleman owner was full of sweet bonhomie. Where else you come across such chaste souls than in mountains. The time I spent in a lovely small village in Austria near Leoben was akin to what I found in this place. The intonations of the language spoken here is rhythmic and reminded me of Haryanvi dialect.
What joy far from the maddening crowds!! My heart was on a song.

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