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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Whispers of Joy--Himachal, 2

I saw women working fields and also talking on the Mobiles. I saw the small shops selling rainbow coloured clothes, tea shops where locals gathered to exchange news and share bonhomie. the tea is boiled with milk and normally has cinnamon or cardamom added as aromatic choice. life is so full in these tea shops. the shop owner turning his back to clean glasses found clever little birds stealing on the sly his Dal seb (salted fried strips made of flour) from his show case. But the shop owner did not seem to mind!!
The evening in Janjehali are exotic and romantic. This I discovered as I took a lonely walk to the hill path. The water gurgled with passion in the rivulet, the fragrance of flora and young apples tingled the nose in joy, the earth was lighted by fireflies and the sky with an upturned dish full of twinkling stars. Did I want more??? Was I not happy as if I had the company of the most beautiful woman on earth!!! I was drunk on the peerless beauty and I felt not the strain of the tiring journey in my limbs. It was a magical balm that lifted my body and soul to a humming heaven.

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