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Friday, July 10, 2009

Whispers of Joy--Himachal

Art and artists need to refuel energy in creativity. New lands, new people, new cultures and the fresh fragrance of winds that pass through sun drenched landscapes is what they need.
So I decided to break away from the familiar studio space into Infinte of Nature.
I arrived in Himachal Pradesh (India) at a place called Jenjehli about five and a half hours from the ancient trading town of Mandi. Mandi means the market place. This place had drawn traders as far as Tibet for centuries to exchange their products in the local market place. the town carries with it marvels of now derelict houses that have exquisite wood carvings and architecture as also ancient temples.
Jenjehali is a small hemlet at 6200 feet and a population of may be around few hundred people. I arrived here in the evening after a long daunting journey on heart-stopping narrow mountain roads. The driver had to reverse the bus to give space to an oncoming vehicle. Apart from this nerve wrecking adventure, the forested mountain was a green happy bride and made me hum in joy. The small hemlets where the bus gorged and disgorged locals were so quiet and peaceful. Lissome women and in their typical silk head scarves worked the fields or grazed the cows.

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